Build your own Blockchain Project with your Learning Buddy


 We are thrilled to introduce an exciting opportunity as part of the KBA Innovation Club (KBAIC): “Build your own Blockchain Project with your Learning Buddy.” This concept empowers you to dive deep into the world of blockchain technology and gain practical experience while collaborating with a Learning Buddy. Here are the key details:

  1. Blockchain Foundation Sessions: To ensure a strong foundation in Blockchain Technology, we are introducing foundation sessions exclusively for participants of this program. These sessions will cover key concepts, principles, and industry use cases, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of Blockchain Technology before you embark on your project.
  2. Technology Selection: As part of this program, you have the option to choose between two prominent Blockchain Technologies: Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. You can select the platform that aligns with your interests and learning objectives.
  3. Learning Buddy Support: You will receive dedicated support and guidance from experienced Learning Buddies at KBA for two months. These mentors are equipped with extensive knowledge of Blockchain Technology and will assist you in overcoming challenges and achieving project milestones.
  4. Access to Learning Material: You will gain exclusive access to a wide range of learning materials. These resources will help you understand the chosen technology in-depth, explore practical implementation aspects, and acquire the necessary skills to excel in your project.

Learning Buddy Program Fee: To avail the Learning Buddy Program, a nominal fee of Rs. 1000 + GST will be charged. This fee covers the costs associated with providing personalized guidance and support from your Learning Buddy, ensuring a fruitful learning experience.