Terms and Conditions

  1. The membership to KBAIC is absolutely FREE and KBA owns the sole right to issue/revoke membership to the institution.
  2. Every KBAIC should have one Faculty member  as KBAIC Coordinator and two Students as KBAIC Student Ambassadors.
  3. If the institution already possess an IEDC through KSUM, the IEDC Nodal Officer can be the KBAIC Coordinator and organize programs through IEDC.
  4. Each KBAIC should form an Executive Committee of 8 members (of 1 year tenure)  comprising of KBAIC Coordinator and Student Ambassadors and 5 members comprising of staff and students.
  5. Approval Letter from Head of the Institution to be submitted on Institutional Letter Head in the prescribed template.
  6. Head of the Institution will be the Chairperson of KBAIC at the respective institute.
  7. Bank Accounts/ Financial aids (if any) maintained for KBAIC at the institute will be solely owned and operated by Head of the Institute  (KBAIC Chairperson).
  8. KBA or its office-bearers will not have any liabilities on KBAIC financial accounts.
  9. Any KBAIC can have a maximum of 30 Student Members of 1-year tenure.
  10. After Institution membership  approval from KBA ,Offers and courses will be provided only upon submission of Student list in the prescribed format
  11. On approval, institution should create a new landing page dedicatedly for KBAIC on the institution website with the link “institiution_link/KBAIC_Code” and submit to KBA within 2 weeks from the date of approval. (KBAIC_Code will be assigned by KBA after verification).
  12. Announcement of KBAIC events and use of KBA logo should require prior permission from KBA.

*KBA reserves the right to change the KBAIC terms and conditions at any time.